perfection | fresh, eclectic, inviting

I recently discovered a NYC Designer that reflects my own taste perfectly.  I wouldn’t change one thing about his designs, from the color palettes to the space planning.  Check out Shawn Henderson’s website below this feature of a Central Park home and prepare to be outrageously jealous of the homeowners he has designed for.

Central Park Home by Interior Designer Shawn Henderson


forever favorite | stop & smell the tulips

I will forever be a fan of tulips, particular yellow and white ones with big bulbs and long stems.  My mother used to splurge on a big bunch of either color and keep them on our kitchen island once a month or so.  They add a fresh feel to any room and create a classy look in any setting.  I can’t see tulips without thinking of her and feeling a strange sense of calm and joy.  Sometimes it’s all about the little things in life…stop and smell the tulips!

From Reasons to Breathe

rewind | a look inside brooklyn apartments circa 1978

In 1978 and 1979, photographer Dinanda Nooney took a series of photographs of the interiors of homes in Brooklyn. She photographed around 200 homes, coming out with nearly 2000 photos of Brooklynites in their natural habitats. From Bushwick to Bed-Stuy to Park Slope to Boerum Hill, here are a few of the photographs she took.  See below for article and full album complete with addresses (maybe you’ll find your apartment in there!).

From The Gothamist