tweed | feel the need!

A classic fabric with a texture that can be both casual and dressy at the same time, tweed is something every girl needs in her closet.  It makes the perfect spring coat when those transitional Spring temps hit the air – warm and cozy but somehow still light and airy.  Tweed, I need you!

From Cape Cod Collegiate

From Tumblr

Plastic Island tweed jacket from Piperlime

Pleated tweed skirt from Zara

Tory Burch Demi Collarless Tweed Jacket  from Nordstrom

Two above from JCrew

Metallic Tweed Toms

from Lovely Pepa

DKNY Tweed Jacket from Fashion Telegraph

Tweed and Leather from Etsy

Oscar De La Renta Bouclé tweed jacket

Antonio Berardi Fringed tweed skirt

Sandro Vertige leather-trimmed tweed jacket

Giambattista Valli Silk chiffon-trimmed tweed jacket

Above 4 from NET-A-PORTER

Alice and Olivia top from Atlantic-Pacific


3 thoughts on “tweed | feel the need!

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