charming chaps | a moment for the men

While men don’t have quite the array of fashion decisions to make that women do, there are still many unique ways for them to show their style.  The best dressed have a knack for balancing the best elements of decades past with a nod toward something new and fresh.  My personal favorite styles, below, have some of the following fundamentals:

Mixing Neutrals:

Forget matching your navy socks to your navy suit.  Black, navy, gray, cream and white can all be mixed up for a look that expresses sophistication in neutrals and edge in making them compliment one another.

Small Details:

Skinny ties and thinner lapels look suave and sleek in contrast to wider versions.

Mixing Casual & Formal:

The once wince-worthy suit jacket with jeans look is becoming classy with the right tones and accessories.  The workplace’s formal dress is relaxing and the weekend’s casual outfit is stepping up its game.


No longer just for suits, layering is climbing the popularity ladder in casual garb as well.

From guystyleguide

From Dalvey

From meandmybentley


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