stop for a sip in soho | oficina latina

Join me for a tour through one of my favorite SoHo spots – Oficina Latina on Prince Street.  Not only do they have a superb and unique selection of spirits and super fresh food, but the atmosphere is, simply put, fantastic.  There isn’t much better on a sunny, Saturday afternoon than relaxing in the breeze of their open front doors and sipping a glass of their (excellent) Malbec.  If you’re a Tequila fan, try the Avocado Cilantro Margarita!

I love a good design concept, and this bar is not lacking in one.  Inspired by the Pan-American highway that ran from Monterey, Mexico all the way down to Argentina, Oficina Latina “recreates the stops along [it].  [Their] menu and cocktails reflect the rich ingredients of these exotic destinations.”

I thought it was about time I start sharing more New York-specific scoutings.  Don’t worry, many more to come.  Enjoy!

All images by me.


3 thoughts on “stop for a sip in soho | oficina latina

  1. These are absolutely beautiful photos of Oficina Latina! We would love to see more photos of Prince St. in NoLita. Your photos have almost made us forget the wonderful food at Oficina Latina and make us want to go and simply appreciate the decor!

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