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Yesterday, some of my favorite NYC ladies and I had one of our sporadic Book Club meetings in Bryant Park.  The weather was perfect and, as usual, the conversation swayed away from books many times.  One theme we kept getting back to was the state of transition our lives are in, especially in our relationships (or lack there of) and our jobs.

It’s funny how you can dream and plan for some future moment, and then get there and already be dreaming and planning the next.  I’ve always made a conscious effort to “live in the now” (thank you, Wayne’s World), but lately I’ve been slacking on that motto.  When work is stressful or the city feels overwhelming, I need to remember this!  How perfect that I ran across this quote I stored in my phone just as we were wrapping up?

One thing we all found agreement on is the importance of finding happiness on your own before you can fully share it with someone else.  Here’s an encouraging quote for the single ladies out there (and a reminder for those scared to be alone):

But don’t forget:

Everyone feeling refreshed?  Good.  Now go find/build yourself a cozy reading room…

from Lonny

from LookLingerLove

…and pick up one of these!

Beach Reads: Emily (her books always deliver),Paula, Elizabeth

Philosophy/Memoir/Life Reads: Marianne, Jeanette and Jeanette (I can’t sing J. Wall’s praises enough.)

Classics to Revisit/Snapshots of History: J.D., F. Scott (reread it before the movie comes out…leo dicaprio will make a fine gatsby), Paula

Jeanette Walls makes do this:


we | new collection picks

Some of you may know that I used to work at West Elm in my early design days.  I have always loved their fun, affordable furniture and accessories and this season especially they have some gems coming out!

Here are my picks from their new collection:

Wola Nani Trays $16 each

Arrow Pillow Cover $24-29

Sydney Studio Multicolor Dinnerware $6 – $10

Origami Coffee Table $399 (see how great it looks in a room below!)

Kantha Chevron Pillow Cover $29

What’s your favorite?

tuesday temptations | things i’m loving right now

Please forgive my recent absence while I was backpacking through Europe…don’t worry, I’ve returned with more inspiration than ever (and about 5000 photos to sort through!).  But, before I share my adventures abroad, I thought I would share some of my current cravings (and recent purchases for that matter – see the fab flats below) in the fashion and design world.


1. Bright accents (…really though, when am I not craving these?  For my familiar readers, I don’t even need to mention my favorite complimentary color combo.)

2. Geometric Jewelry, this one is the “Arch Ring” by Pamela Love

3. Reminders of home.

4. Interesting Patterns…loving this “Pleated Back Top” by Parker

5. Gender Neutral Design (and just everything in this room) by designer Mark Egerstrom

6. My new flats! “Lunna” by Dolce Vita…and what do you know, apparently they’re Olivia Palermo’s pick on Piperlime, too.

7. Abstract Art (I really gotta save the funds for that Oil Class.)

More to come!


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