summer season successes | my favorite fuscia findings

I know Fall is nearly upon us and I’m sure many of you, like me, are itching to dive into a new season of fashion (particularly booties, scarves and my beloved Michael Kohrs coat).  BUT, I have to say, I loved this past season’s trends.  Many of them have been/will be staples in my wardrobe for more than just Spring/Summer ’12 (particularly pastels, tweed and this mix).

I know tangerine was a favorite for bold colors (it did get Pantone color of the year), but I couldn’t help but slowly pick up pieces of PINK.  So, today I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to use that lovely lighter shade of red – both loud and subtle (and some other fun things, as usual).  Maybe it’s because August is such a hot month, but it feels like the perfect time to enjoy them.

Rose…always in style.  Cheers!

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