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Today, I’m excited to feature my first guest post on the blog (Welcome, Jessica!).  Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I’m Jessica with Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online source for beautiful and affordable light fixtures. I’m excited to be guest posting on Cityclectic today because I’d like to share a collection of inspiring interiors that feature a rather chic color scheme – black and white with a brilliant accent color. The stark quality of a monochrome color palette, like black and white, doesn’t have to be so intimidating when you include a vibrant shade that really pops. I hope you enjoy!

Black and White Bedroom
The modern lines and energetic patterns make this black and white bedroom anything but boring. The vase of blooming roses on the nightstand adds a lovely burst of color.

Black and White Living Room with Gold and Silver Accents
The wonderfully eclectic wall of art in this living room certainly creates a unique atmosphere. Shimmering gold and silver accents offer an extra bit of elegance.

Black and White Living Room with Red
Fiery red accents completely transform the feel of this stylish living room. A black sculptural table lamp matches the heavy, yet intricate pieces of décor throughout the room.

Black and White Living Room with Turquoise
The brilliant turquoise blue accents create a fresh and serene feel to this living room. The glittering pendant light adds just a bit of sparkle and shine.

Black and White Living Room with Emerald
The black features of this living and dining room don’t overwhelm the space thanks to plenty of white, with a splash of emerald green wallpaper. The velvety sofa lends a textural aspect to the room.

Black and White with Gold
A pair of matching scarab prints with golden yellow wings add definite character to this home office. A bold pendant light creates a stunning focal point for the room, as well.

Black, White, and Pink Dining Room
This simple, all-white dining room reflects a cool, modern flair with black and pink accent colors. Fresh flowers are always a great option for bringing color into a room.

Black and White and Purple
The rustic, industrial feel of this cozy living room is softened with purple throw pillows and a blanket. The mix of numbers and letters on the pillows adds a quirky touch, as well.

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What do you think of black and white rooms with a splash of color? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a brilliant lighting fixture to add plenty of color to your home!


3 thoughts on “guest post | black & white plus color

  1. What a great blog! I love the couch featured in the black & white living room with turquoise… any idea where I can find that couch & those pillows!? Adore!

    • Hi Maria! Thanks so much. This was a guest post, but the image link #4 at the bottom will take you to her image source. It looks like this was featured in Style at Home magazine in February 2012 – try their website!

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