anticipating autumn | fall comfort & end of summer checklist

There’s something bittersweet about the end of summer.

In New York, particularly, there’s an obvious shift in the season. The Hamptons empty and the city manages to fill up further than the already-at-capacity feeling it seamlessly contains in the warm, travel-filled months. The office atmosphere tightens back up as all your coworkers return from their last vacation and prepare to buckle down until Thanksgiving.  Ice cream trucks are swapped out for hot chocolate vendors and women are already stocking their wardrobe with Fall’s best new pieces.  Previously accessories, scarves become necessities when Central Park works backward in the rainbow from green.

To help you make the most of these last few summer weekends, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite summer activities.  While you’re enjoying those, it can’t hurt to daydream about the new booties you can’t wait to bust out next month.

Visit the beach one last time – my favorite: Silver Beach in St. Joseph, MI

Wear your brights!

Take a road trip with the windows down and savor the warm summer air whipping through your hair.

Visit the Hampton’s and go to Tate’s (above) and Wolffer Estate Vineyard (below).

And don’t forget to be spontaneous:

Stroll through outdoor parks and stop to read – one of my favorites: the cluster of Bertoia chairs at Lincoln Center.

Take in the scents and sites of summer (or stop and smell the roses, whichever you prefer).

…then pick some wildflowers and enjoy them before they’re gone.

Eat ice cream!  – My favorite: ABC Kitchen’s Salted Caramel Sunday.

Then go dancing, because that’s the best activity any time of the year.

It’s almost time to mix those pumps with your favorite comfy sweatshirt…

…and eat warmer, gooey goodies (get these at Baked by Melissa – they’re awesome).

And some parting words to sit on until I see you next:

1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 – me | 3 | 6 | 12 | 13 | 15


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