tuesday tips | things to love right now

I’ve been dipping my hand into many pots of paint lately (both figuratively and literally) and it’s a challenge to keep up with my ever-growing list of projects to do and adventures to have.  However, I can’t complain.  I love finding things I enjoy and incorporating them into my daily life, whether it’s planning for a big event with friends or just enjoying a cup of hot apple cider when strolling through the Union Square Markets.

Without further ado, here’s my list of things to love right now:

1. live everything. probably my favorite quote, ever.

2. work hard and be nice to people

3. crosses everywhere…just bought this shirt

4. catching up with old friends…went here last night – yum!

5. dmitri’s winning project runway collection

6. words of walt whitman (and the gorgeous art behind it…add this to my inspiration)

7. this candle  – it smells EXACTLY like my great uncle’s old jewelry store (which I haven’t been in since I was about 6) – awesome.

8. discovering this delicious Chelsea bakery/boutique

9. cozy spaces

10. revisiting old favorites

11. geometric anything (a constant on my love list, really)

12. escaping into a good book

13. living here

14. brocade.

15. and these words

Happy Tuesday!


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weekend | words & whims

Lately I’ve been diving into quite a few projects that I’ve been putting off (for like, years).  The blank wall over my sofa has been staring me down for too long, so my project this weekend is to make a big piece of art.

  As always, I’ve been collecting inspiration (good quotes count too, right?).  The Big Challenge: Make something abstract!  Being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to end up with very purposeful and realistic creations.  I especially love the abstract paintings created with shapes from a real scene…perhaps I’ll base it off a favorite photo from my Europe trip.  I’m going to try NOT to plan it all out for once.  Wish me luck!

Also, if you haven’t discovered it yet, Art.sy went public this week.  Awesome.

And, a song for the weekend.

Happy Friday!

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nyc | fort greene & brooklyn flea

A few Saturdays ago I finally made it over to Fort Greene for the Brooklyn Flea market with two girlfriends.   We had such a fun, relaxed afternoon of exploring and browsing.  I love the atmosphere of an outdoor market and have no problem spending hours perusing for that one unique piece to add to my home or wardrobe.  I highly recommend going – even just to check out some of the cozy, hipster cafes, bars and shops the area has to offer.

Not Ray’s Pizza.

Bright door.

There I am!  It felt like the time for a little photoshoot.

Meet Fallon.

“Where’s Oscar?!”   Love this, reminds me of my Dad’s favorite movie (and one of mine, too).

Wanted one of the many huge mirrors for sale…too bad I couldn’t carry it on the subway.


Love the sun setting on these blocks…sigh.

Photos taken by yours truly (exception – the two of me…I’m not THAT good – credit to Fallon Klug of fallon.b.photography, hint: she’s the pretty girl chatting on the phone above).


explore & inspire | find your ambition

While I think it’s important for every blogger to find their own voice, I’m constantly inspired by all the other fabulous blogs I read.  Today, I have to give a shout out to one of my favorites that I’ve followed from its early days, Small Shop Studio.  Yesterday, Erika (the admirable woman behind the Shop) announced that a long term project she’s been working on has finally been launched.  Not only is she constantly accomplishing her career goals, she’s a Mom and a fabulous designer, too!  Talk about a powerhouse woman to be inspired by.

Without further ado, here are her photos from Lulu and Georgia, a new e-commerce site that opened yesterday.  Take a look, browse the goods, and see my picks below!

If she can pull this off this feat with her busy schedule, surely we can squeeze some of those smaller goals we’ve been putting off into our own schedules.  Get inspired and go for it.


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And some motivation, because even the strongest of us need it!

I know this feeling:

But lately, I’ve been thinking like this:

Recognize reality…

…but don’t let it stop you.


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