tuesday tips | things to love right now

I’ve been dipping my hand into many pots of paint lately (both figuratively and literally) and it’s a challenge to keep up with my ever-growing list of projects to do and adventures to have.  However, I can’t complain.  I love finding things I enjoy and incorporating them into my daily life, whether it’s planning for a big event with friends or just enjoying a cup of hot apple cider when strolling through the Union Square Markets.

Without further ado, here’s my list of things to love right now:

1. live everything. probably my favorite quote, ever.

2. work hard and be nice to people

3. crosses everywhere…just bought this shirt

4. catching up with old friends…went here last night – yum!

5. dmitri’s winning project runway collection

6. words of walt whitman (and the gorgeous art behind it…add this to my inspiration)

7. this candle  – it smells EXACTLY like my great uncle’s old jewelry store (which I haven’t been in since I was about 6) – awesome.

8. discovering this delicious Chelsea bakery/boutique

9. cozy spaces

10. revisiting old favorites

11. geometric anything (a constant on my love list, really)

12. escaping into a good book

13. living here

14. brocade.

15. and these words

Happy Tuesday!


1 – me | 2, 4, 13, 14, 15b | 3 | 6, 15a | 9a | 9b | 9c | 11, 12


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