philosophical friday | love & humor

What a week it’s been here in New York City.

At such a disastrous time for so many, it feels fitting that my current reads are all about loving one another.  Read on for some positive thinking and few things to make you laugh.

Enjoy an extra hour of sleep (or drinks!) this weekend!

Ways to Help with Hurricane Sandy.

Too cute.

Some tunes for your weekend…and a flashback to their early days (read: impressive).

Something to do Downtown today/tonight if you’re still off work.

Did theses little guys survive Sandy?

I hope our beloved (and historic!) home in Cape May, The Blue House, survived. Meet my brother, Matt, walking in front of it.


…and for my friends that are still powerless:

Dug up this old joke that was read when a fabulous group of women got together at Tosi’s a few years back.  Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Joan, do you recall this one?  Wish we all lived closer!

Hope all my fellow New Yorkers are doing OK!





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