nyc | city moments and pretty thoughts

It’s amazing how easy it is to let the daily chaos override my appreciation of living in such an awesome place.  Last night, I took a long walk and strolled by some favorite spots in and around Central Park.  Columbus Circle was my first home before moving to the Upper East Side and I love revisiting it at this time of year.  The massive musical glass stars blinking colors in time to Christmas music at the Time Warner Center never fails to put a smile on my face.  The stillness of the park accompanied by the quiet hush that falls over its wide grassy patches and walking paths after dark reminds me how to take a deep breath of fresh air.  Lincoln Center’s glow in the abundance of creamy stone architecture begs me to twirl by the mirror-like pond and slanted lawn in front of Juilliard.  This place is a dream and I need to soak it in more often.

This song sums up this city in another awesome way.  These are some great lyrics, folks.

And, I thought I’d share a little poem written by a good friend of mine.  Read more of his stuff here.

The Perfect Girl Lives in New York City

The perfect girl lives in New York City
She’s a thousand miles away
But has this immense presence
like I carry her on my shoulders
or walk along next to her
down golden lanes
How much is real
How much is mine
Only the wind can say
Blowing from peak to valley
along rocky shores to calm seas
over plains, farms and mountains
She’s all bright lights and pounding bass
An assault on all senses
Overwhelmed grins take the place
of confident smirks
She’s wide avenues and dark alleys
Glitz and danger, grime and glamour
A tipsy twirl and seductive eyes
She’s more Manhattan
with a bit of Brooklyn for flavor
Screaming down Fifth Avenue
like some cabbie in search of a fare
She bolts downtown like the 4
Usually express
I watch her like the Empire State
towering over me
Majestic princess
Flashing signs and silent side streets
You can see her
even when you’re at home
The skyline is in her eyes
and the world sits in her hand
The perfect girl lives in New York City



All images by me.


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