coffee break | nyc happenings

In an effort to start the year with fresh ideas and organization, I’m going to make a regular “coffee break” feature on the blog.  Coming soon to the tabs – it’ll have a few interesting (or just plain entertaining) snippets and links for you to peruse, perhaps when you take a coffee break.  Sometimes it’s healthy to zone out for a few minutes and be distracted from stress.

…Naturally, the first “coffee break” must be about things happening New York!

1. Stumbled across this pianist in Union Square on Tuesday over lunch.  Just one of the many reasons I love this city.  Check out his website – he’s inspirational – and his story How to Push Your Piano Through NYC for a laugh.

2. Browsing this website made me realize just how much of a New Yorker I am in terms of style.  It’s fun to compare cities and realize how distinct the fashion is in each.


3. Have you been to Big Booty Bread Co. in Chelsea?  They’re an office favorite for cookies.  Loved the sign they had up this week – Smeagle and Ryan Gosling…clever and impressive!



4. Super bummed I missed this Swing Exhibit at the Armory!  Watch this video and prepare to be mesmerized.

swing exhibit

5. Check out this super cool old NYC home – it played host to some pretty cool folks, too!

6. Kill time with some New Yorker online puzzles or order yourself some awesome art.

Dear New York,

Thank you for an endless list of things to do.




guests and gatherings | the living room

The living room in my cozy NYC apartment has recently had more guests than usual.  It’s been fun to hosts friends that are traveling through, particularly in a space that encourages it.  Even though mine is small, I’m fond of how easily it facilities conversations and creates an inviting warmth.  My worn camel leather sofa has seen many naps and fits perfectly with the other furniture I’ve found and refurbished from Housing Works.

Of course, a living room can have multiple functions depending on the person.  Some are formal and only used on special occasions, others are more of a den.  Some are ready for a party to take place at any minute and others are set up for quiet reading.  In my opinion, the more versatile the better – especially in this city.













What’s your living room like?



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