fashion friday | 25th birthday!

I know, I know.  It’s Monday.  Some outfits just can’t be revealed before they’re worn.  In this case, that outfit was my birthday dress!

Last Friday, I celebrated turning 25 (which happened two weeks ago, but that’s beside the point) at Tavern 29 with my friends and family in the city.  It was so special to have everyone in one room and it meant a lot that so many people came.  What an awesome reminder of how blessed I am.

Anyway (didn’t mean to get sappy there), here’s what I wore.  The dress is a steal from ASOS, and it’s officially been added to my favorites – you can find it here.  When I came across it, I had to have it, and I knew right away what I’d save it for.  It’s bold but elegant, classic but modern, and sophisticated but unique.  Who doesn’t want to look  like that at 25?  I paired it with my favorite peachy-nude pumps and a few small gold accessories.

Turning 25
S + W_cityclecticdesign
Here’s a snapshot of S and I before the party.  He even pulled an old-fashioned tie match with the perfect amount of subtlety…aw.
What did/would you wear on your 25th birthday?

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