fashion friday | heading home to the mitten

I am so excited to head home to Michigan this weekend.  S and I get to celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday family-reunion-style with cousins and aunts and uncles that haven’t all been in the same room for over a decade.  What a special party it’s going to be!

My grandpa, Martin, back in the day – what a guy.  My grandma, Adeline, keeps this picture of him on her dresser.

grandpa_Martin Krieger_cityclecticdesign

I love it.  He still wears that expression like a champ at age 90, too.

Michigan here I come!  This is my casual Friday work-to-airport ensemble featuring my new shop tote bag.  This thing is seriously perfect – side pocket at the perfect height placement for easily retrieving my cell/metrocard/keys and the size fits everything I need for work (wood samples, papers, tape measure), including a change of clothes AND my small purse, no sweat.  It’s quickly becoming my go-to carry all.  Get it (and others) here.

casual friday
let it go tote_cityclecticdesign
What’s your travel wear?

One thought on “fashion friday | heading home to the mitten

  1. I think he and Mark have the EXACT same nose! Can you post your outfit for tomorrow so I can see what you’re wearing? :) We are excited to see you, too!

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