news | brooklyn bound for a new beginning

Hello my lovely readers!

I’m so excited to share a big piece of news I’ve been sitting on…

…I’ve taken a new position as an Interior Designer for Kiki Dennis Interiors!  I am so thankful for the opportunity and am thrilled to dive into something new.  My daily work is now on residential projects, a refreshing change from the institutional, corporate and museum work I’ve been doing the last few years.

The office is in Park Slope, Brooklyn – just a block from Prospect Park – and it couldn’t be a prettier neighborhood to get to know.  I’m already in love with an adorable jewelry shop down the street where I acquired this S necklace (so I can carry S’s initial over my heart, of course…aww).  It’s quickly becoming my new staple.

S necklace_cityclecticdesign

I’m ecstatic and honored to be a part of the small (but powerful), talented, and incredibly kind group of designers at KDI.  I’ve just wrapped up my third day, and I already feel at home thanks to these awesome new coworkers.  Here are a few of my favorite shots of their work:




Bare with me as I adjust to my new routine and get back in the swing of blogging.  More soon!





2 thoughts on “news | brooklyn bound for a new beginning

  1. Congrats Beauty Queen! To new adventures! I may be swinging through at the end of the month- Trying to convince the “S”ugar Daddy to buy me flight to visit my favorite busy city, NYC. He’s riding the fence, but I have been cooking up a storm and its just a matter of time before his “S”tomach says “YES”
    love and miss

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