instant classic | a new chair from fritz hansen

With new products emerging at an exponential rate and an overload of information at our access, it’s easy to miss the debut of some awesome stuff. Without the need to specify some Fritz Hansen pieces for a client, I wouldn’t have noticed the new Ro chair by Jaime Hayon, which is sure to be an instant classic.

RO 1

Fritz Hansen’s design brief to Jaime Hayon was “… to create a comfortable seat for one person”. “We put a great deal of effort into the form of the chair, which is inspired by the human body. We wanted a chair that was comfortable as well as beautiful. My goal was to create a slim and elegant chair that encourages reflection and comfort,” says Jaime Hayon. 

RO 2

RO 3

RO 4

 “Ro” means tranquility in Danish. The name was chosen because it captures the point of the chair in just two letters, thus reflecting the Nordic approach and concept of beauty. Ro is made with great craftsmanship and in the highest sustainable quality. Combined with the sculptural and elegant design, the result is a functional and aesthetic chair that fascinates its surroundings. One seems to fall in love with it. Ro does not compromise on either comfort or aesthetics.

RO 5

RO 6

RO 8

RO 7

RO 9

RO 10

I already love it. What do you think?




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