i see you | a tribute to mom

In brilliant red hydrangea blooms
In big yellow tulip bulbs
In budding dogwood trees and hosta leaves
In August sun and as bright a smile
In strikingly saturated fall foliage hues
In flawless and elaborate Christmas decorations
In impeccably tailored, high waisted skirts
In Pinot Noir and crimson colored toes
In everything polished and perfect
In unusual landscape art and traditional antiques
In Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon and Buffet’s Volcano
In hot fudge and chocolate chip cookies
In inspiring self-confidence and strong opinions
In unfailing drive and acknowledged pride
In the vocal, ardent appreciation of all things beautiful
In an open heart and a warm embrace
In extraordinary strength that overcomes despair
In the deepest depths of love and care
I see you there and everywhere
I see you in me
I see you always
For Mom, who went to a better place on August 29th, 2013.
I love you and miss you terribly. But most of all, I’m thankful you’re whole again.

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