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The world is full of pretty sights and things, lovely thoughts and creative ideas.

Like Central Park.

1. cityclecticdesign

And sunny rooms.

2. cityclecticdesign

Little delicate designs.

3. cityclecticdesign

And elaborate ones.

4. cityclecticdesign

So go on adventures!

5. cityclecticdesign

Stop and enjoy a piece of art.

6. cityclecticdesign

And take time for that someone.

7. cityclecticdesign

Actually wear those pretty shoes in your closet.

8. cityclecticdesign

Indulge in maple pumpkin pie (recipe here).

9. cityclecticdesign

Make your bed up nice.

10. cityclecticdesign

Mix up your outifts.

11. cityclecticdesign

Appreciate simplicity.

12. cityclecticdesign

And gather with friends and family often.

13. cityclecticdesign

Happy Thursday!



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big news | we’re engaged!

Hello my fabulous readers.

I know I’ve been absent this past month, but don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned you. The truth is, I’ve been quite busy planning…my wedding! That’s right, the wonderful S got down on one knee in the middle of the Brooklyn Promenade, and I said YES.

Genius as he is, he had Paparazzi Proposals capture the whole thing.

1. S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

2.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

10. S proposal_cityclecticdesign

3.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

4.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

5.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

6.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

7.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

9. S proposal_cityclecticdesign

8.  S Proposal_cityclecticdesign

In honor of the occasion, I painted an abstract of the moment.ย Of course, it had to have bursts of color, and a dream-like quality, too.

I can’t wait to hang it in our first home!

27_painting by Whitney Krieger_cityclecticdesign