fashion fri…er, monday | snow white

Happy Monday!

I love snow, but after the Christmas season, I can only handle so much. Its beauty doesn’t last more than a milisecond before it hits the city’s streets and turns from a fluffy, sparkly white to a color I’ll just call “ick”. I’ll stick with the clean, pretty version, thank you. Luckily, I was able to enjoy just that while learning to ski last weekend in New Hampshire. If you go, I highly recommend Wildcat Mountain – it was a blast.

cityclecticdesign_new hampshire

Snow, a tribute to you at your best:

snow white


Have a good one (snowy or not)!




coffee break | going decaf

It’s official, I chose decaf today.

Here’s the thing: I don’t need anything additional to keep my heart rate at top speed all day. This city does that for me! I admit, I used to nay-say about decaf coffee. What’s the point? Then, I realized that I went from a casual coffee drinker to a I-need-caffeine-to-survive coffee drinker to a wow-I-actually-like-the-taste-of-this-stuff coffee drinker and here I am, overly anxious and liking coffee too much. Decaf, let’s make up and be friends.

What do you drink? Coffee? Decaf? Tea? Espresso Macchiato (yum)?

gimme coffee_cityclecticdesign

Some links while you sip your preferred beverage:

Apparently Spain stays up late on the reg.

My new favorite celebrity power couple.

Really pretty dress (look at the back! and that fabric! sigh.)

This is finally open in Brooklyn. Any takers? I’m in!

The 2nd Avenue subway goes yellow.

Love this new app.

Get happier.

Like the “gimme coffee”clock? Get it here.



coffee break | happy valentine’s day!

Happy hearts!

Will you brie mine? (…Sorry, I love cheese, and I love cheesy puns. (*waits silently*…get it?) Sorry twice.) Yes, I know that was a parenthesis inside a parenthesis. This post is starting off great!

cityclecticdesign_brie mine

New Yorkers, need an activity this weekend? Go celebrate The Beatles and all their awesome love songs. Or just listen to one of my favorites right now.

Everyone else, go make this cake.

I miss these! And the Berenstain Bears, for that matter.

Marking the Distance (a quick, must-watch):

Marking the Distance from StoryCorps on Vimeo.


Check out Google’s homepage for more cute love stories (in case you missed it, click on the hearts!).

I wish you love today, and even more importantly, I wish for others to receive love from you!



monday memory | dress shopping

This morning I came across a few photos from a surprise visit and dress shopping appointment my awesome MOH planned for me this past November at Lovely Bride. These days, she’s far away in Nashville, a sad change from living together just last year here in NYC for awhile. I miss her terribly and am lucky beyond words to count her as a friend.

So, I couldn’t resist sharing her mad photog skillz with you all. I’d share more, but the dress has to stay a secret (duh!). I love that she was the first to see me in the dress I finally picked (and she cried with me too – talk about an awesome friend!).

Fal – you’re one of a kind. Thanks for being exactly who you are, and for being a part of my life since we learned how to demand mac n cheese in the toddler years. I love you tons.

Readers, check out her tumblr (and more awesome photography of hers!) here.

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_1

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_2

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_3