dose of design | the creative flow

I love my job. Every day, I interact with creative women in the office and discover creative artists of endless forms. Most importantly, I get to BE creative.

Here are just some of the things that have gotten my creative juices flowing this week.

This gorgeous rug.

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_1

The Subatomic Table by Jason Phillips

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_2

The clean, cozy and colorful home of Allison Burke.

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_3

This awesome IKEA hack.

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_4

These super cute tables – out of stock (don’t worry, it’s just the name of the brand).

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_5

This table in the home of creative photographers Brian and Julia.

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_6

The Purist Chair by Elisa Honkanen.

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_7

The perfectly-placed color in this kilim.

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_8

and this creative shoe display!

cityclecticdesign_creative flow_9

Are you the creative type? What gets you flowing?




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