monday memory | dress shopping

This morning I came across a few photos from a surprise visit and dress shopping appointment my awesome MOH planned for me this past November at Lovely Bride. These days, she’s far away in Nashville, a sad change from living together just last year here in NYC for awhile. I miss her terribly and am lucky beyond words to count her as a friend.

So, I couldn’t resist sharing her mad photog skillz with you all. I’d share more, but the dress has to stay a secret (duh!). I love that she was the first to see me in the dress I finally picked (and she cried with me too – talk about an awesome friend!).

Fal – you’re one of a kind. Thanks for being exactly who you are, and for being a part of my life since we learned how to demand mac n cheese in the toddler years. I love you tons.

Readers, check out her tumblr (and more awesome photography of hers!) here.

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_1

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_2

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_3




2 thoughts on “monday memory | dress shopping

  1. I just was trying to think of a cute way to put all of our initials together (sorry S not you this time) and thought oh FWB…friends with benefits. Ha – I mean it is very beneficial to be around all 3 of us because we’z always have so much fun. Love you both (and S you too!).

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