coffee break | happy valentine’s day!

Happy hearts!

Will you brie mine? (…Sorry, I love cheese, and I love cheesy puns. (*waits silently*…get it?) Sorry twice.) Yes, I know that was a parenthesis inside a parenthesis. This post is starting off great!

cityclecticdesign_brie mine

New Yorkers, need an activity this weekend? Go celebrate The Beatles and all their awesome love songs. Or just listen to one of my favorites right now.

Everyone else, go make this cake.

I miss these! And the Berenstain Bears, for that matter.

Marking the Distance (a quick, must-watch):

Marking the Distance from StoryCorps on Vimeo.


Check out Google’s homepage for more cute love stories (in case you missed it, click on the hearts!).

I wish you love today, and even more importantly, I wish for others to receive love from you!




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