coffee break | it’s all happening at starbucks


It’s all happening!

Did you hear? Starbucks is going to serve “real drinks”.

S shared that article with me, and I passed it along to two of my best friends, F and L. They’re responses (separate, believe it or not) both cracked me up:

L:  thats actually brilliant
truffle mac and cheese
they had me at truffle
oh oprah
she put up that she had a huge announcement
(I follow her…………..)
and yes. she has her own tea. are you serious
just like, that doesnt qualify as “huge announcemnet, O”
you know?
 F:  oprah is cray but BRING ON THE WIIIIINE
I love my friends. Read their awesome blogs here and here. Prepare to die laughing at one and be super jealous of the photo skills on the other.
What do you think of Starbucks new decision?


Happy Thursday!




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