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I love the great outdoors.

Last Fall, S and I hiked Yosemite, and I have been daydreaming about more hikes ever since. We watched The National Parks documentary series by Ken Burns all winter long, and I’m so inspired by the men that made these places happen.

John Muir is often quoted throughout the series, saying things like, “I am never fully myself, nor have I ever more clearly seen God, than when I am among the trees and in the mountains.”

This quotes says it nicely:


I love that, and it’s so true. I just finished my first oil painting class, and I painted Yosemite from a photo I took right after we climbed up the four mile trail. I can’t wait to hang it up at home and be reminded of that day every time I see it. (I’ll share it soon!)

For now, I’ll just have to work on bringing the outdoors in until I can get back outside.


In a pinch, flowers always do the trick.


But I could really use a patio (and a cat!).

cityclecticdesign_bookends etsy

I’ll take these gorgeous bookends…and as many potted plants as I can manage to keep alive.


Have you been on any amazing hikes? I’d love recommendations in the comments!




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