…and we’re back! | wedding announcement

Lovely, lovely readers of mine!

It’s official, I’m back and ready to blog – with a new last name to boot.

Some of you may know I was rather busy planning S and I’s big day all summer long, and I have to say it was worth every second of chaos. It seems crazy to spend so much time and money on just a few hours – but after the experience of doing just that, I get it. I totally get it. It was, without a doubt, the greatest day of my life. We’re so blessed and thankful for the friends and family that supported us with their presence and from afar. We love you all so very much.

mrs tarnas 1

More soon!



photo by the amazing Jill DeVries


One thought on “…and we’re back! | wedding announcement

  1. Yes, it was a beautiful day! But only the second best day in your life for me–the first being your birth! Love you lots! GMox

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