about whitney

Raised between a small town on the lake in Michigan and a suburb outside of DC, Whitney grew up with a respect for many ways of living. With a passion for the idea that design can bring positivity to the world, she began her career in New York City as the sole Interior Designer for Kliment Halsband Architects. There she experienced interiors through an Architect’s eye and learned how to collaborate in a range of settings and styles. With the desire to bring her experience into the residential world, she took a job with Kiki Dennis Interiors in Brooklyn. Kiki’s kind manner and tasteful approach to interiors taught Whitney how to take her clients’ own unique needs and styles and fuse them together into a space they love to come home to.  She recently made the jump across the states to continue her career as an Interior Designer in San Francisco and is quickly falling in love with the endless gorgeous flowers bushes and mountain views. Don’t worry, New York, you still have a big piece of her heart.
Whitney is an old soul, wanderlust dreamer and eternal optimist with a soft spot for live music, innovative art, and a large bowl of stove-popped popcorn. She loves to travel, write, paint, sketch, take photos, hunt through flea markets, try out new art forms, and create just about anything.

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