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As some of you long term readers may know, I’m a big fan of contrast as a design element. Lately, that’s been evolving into a love for an odd mix of proportions, which I see as a way to create contrast using the size of pieces themselves. Sometimes it could be built into the individual object (i.e. a piece of furniture or art), like a small detail within a grander landscape. Sometimes it’s a balance of unusually scaled items around the room that draws your eye in a new direction.







bentplychiar - 03




These rooms and pieces show just a few ways to pull it off. What do you think? Would you use this method? I think it’s unorthodox in an pretty awesome way.




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coffee break | family, friends, travel & art

This made me tear up.

I’m newly obsessed with this artist and I really want her book.

Neat idea.

For my married friends.

For my single ladies.

How to actually DIY.


New sunnies in action yesterday at The Hampton Maid


…and in Sag Harbor munching ice cream from Big Olaf


…and hiking with S at Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Preserve!  A must-do in the Hamptons, because…

cityclecticdesign_S and I_8x10

…you get to feed pretty birds!!!  This one came back to me 3 more times. #justcallmeSnowWhite

cityclecticdesign_bird feeding



coffee break | city spots and design favorites

I’m beyond excited to hear the chef at ABC Kitchen just opened another restaurant, ABC Cocina.  I hope they’ll have a new dessert as amazing as their salted caramel sundae!  Can’t wait to try it.

Love this dress.

I keep seeing these pillows in odd shops around the city from designer Alexandra Ferguson.  Aren’t they fun?  My favorite:

be nice or leave_cityclecticdesign

I always check the showroom Suite NY when I need some modern classic furniture for clients and they’re currently featuring this awesome chair by Designer Lorenz Kaz in a new mix of leathers.  I would love these around my future dining table.

Pelle Chair_cityclecticdesign

I want to plan a craft day so I can try a few of these.  How fun!?  I love the sachets and the laptop sleeve.  One day, I’ll find the time…

felt_flower_sachets_cityclecticdesign via purlbee

Watched this film last week with S and loved it.  Every character is real (except the robots) and perfectly flawed (I know that’s an oxy moron, but it’s true), and I was saddened and joyful all at once by the end.  Highly recommend!

Can’t wait to go to this rooftop next week on a double date with one of my roommates.  She says the city views are incredible even if the drinks are a bit pricey.  Have you been?



in the background | a moment for walls

Did you catch this article about artist Pia Jensen a few months back on Design Milk?  I came across it again recently and it had me thinking about walls.  The majority of homes/apartments I see with no real design direction all suffer from the same base problem: its occupants don’t know how to use their walls.


Think of your space as a flat piece of art from every angle.  When you walk around, you want to draw your eye around the room and highlight its best features.  That requires thought about art placement, orientation of the furniture, where to put accent colors (etc, etc, etc) and then how they all relate to each other.

Of course, there are more dramatic ways to use your walls – like making your wall the art itself!  Now, if you’re one of the many commitment-phobes out there (or if you’re renting your place like most New Yorkers), this will be a challenge.  Wallpaper, for example, is no picnic to remove, but if you’re in love with a timeless print (that won’t be out of style in the next 5 years), I say go for it.  Otherwise, paint can always be painted over.


I’m a fan of abstract and geometric prints, but there is a whole world of wallpaper out there to fit your style.





This map wallpaper will be in my home one day.


Option 2: TILE

This can create a natural, soothing look or something bold and fun.




Option 3: Use your BRICK.

Exposed or painted, it’s makes for a pretty, textured backdrop.




Option 4: Play with PAINT.

Add a chair rail, give it a washed look, paint on a chalkboard…the options are endless.




And some other fun looks, like 3D wallpaper (yes, this is flat paper)…


…wallpaper tiles…


…textured walls…


…or a personal favorite:

Era flashbacks in timeless patterns, like this Vintage Collection by Hemingway below.  The Art Deco-inspired print (hint: it’s the 2nd one) is just plain awesome.

19.  20.


Of course, I haven’t even covered painting with stencils, wall decals, wallpaper tiles, texture painting techniques and so on.  Wanna give some of these a try?  Here’s a wallpaper how-to to get started.

What’s on your walls?



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