fashion friday | gray days, whine & dine

I haven’t seen blue sky in far too long – April showers are here!

The Birds, good friends of S and I, are throwing a “Whine and Dine Happy Hour” this evening, which requires everyone to bring a bottle of wine with a  label you created to describe your week. (Examples: Underpaid Zinfandel, Enslaved Syrah, Overworked Cab, etc.). I think it’s genius.

Got any good last minute ideas for me?

Here’s my gray day ensemble for the evening, fully ready for me to whine in.

Rainy Weekend.
What do you wear on gray days?

coffee break | it’s all happening at starbucks


It’s all happening!

Did you hear? Starbucks is going to serve “real drinks”.

S shared that article with me, and I passed it along to two of my best friends, F and L. They’re responses (separate, believe it or not) both cracked me up:

L:  thats actually brilliant
truffle mac and cheese
they had me at truffle
oh oprah
she put up that she had a huge announcement
(I follow her…………..)
and yes. she has her own tea. are you serious
just like, that doesnt qualify as “huge announcemnet, O”
you know?
 F:  oprah is cray but BRING ON THE WIIIIINE
I love my friends. Read their awesome blogs here and here. Prepare to die laughing at one and be super jealous of the photo skills on the other.
What do you think of Starbucks new decision?


Happy Thursday!



coffee break | happy valentine’s day!

Happy hearts!

Will you brie mine? (…Sorry, I love cheese, and I love cheesy puns. (*waits silently*…get it?) Sorry twice.) Yes, I know that was a parenthesis inside a parenthesis. This post is starting off great!

cityclecticdesign_brie mine

New Yorkers, need an activity this weekend? Go celebrate The Beatles and all their awesome love songs. Or just listen to one of my favorites right now.

Everyone else, go make this cake.

I miss these! And the Berenstain Bears, for that matter.

Marking the Distance (a quick, must-watch):

Marking the Distance from StoryCorps on Vimeo.


Check out Google’s homepage for more cute love stories (in case you missed it, click on the hearts!).

I wish you love today, and even more importantly, I wish for others to receive love from you!



love | film

One of my goals of 2013 was to take more videos. Well, a year has gone by, and I’m happy to say I collected quite a few. For S’s birthday in December, I presented him with a little flick I edited together of our adventures throughout the year.

Every clip was filmed on the 8mm App on my iPhone, and then edited together and put to music by me.