…and we’re back! | wedding announcement

Lovely, lovely readers of mine!

It’s official, I’m back and ready to blog – with a new last name to boot.

Some of you may know I was rather busy planning S and I’s big day all summer long, and I have to say it was worth every second of chaos. It seems crazy to spend so much time and money on just a few hours – but after the experience of doing just that, I get it. I totally get it. It was, without a doubt, the greatest day of my life. We’re so blessed and thankful for the friends and family that supported us with their presence and from afar. We love you all so very much.

mrs tarnas 1

More soon!



photo by the amazing Jill DeVries


nesting | new apartment art

This Spring has been a slow merging of S and I’s possessions as we create the home we’ll share in two short months (!!). S is all moved in, and I’m in full decor mode, but I’m taking my time making decisions.

I recently purchased a canvas print of a photo I took during our San Francisco trip last Fall. I was mesmerized by how beautiful the dense fog was some days and how clear the air was on others. This shot always makes me stare just a little longer than the others. Here’s how it came out.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

What do you think?

Speaking of favorite photos, here’s one from last Saturday of S and I on my family’s pontoon in Michigan. This is one of my happiest places.

cityclecticdesign_s and w on pontoon



monday memory | dress shopping

This morning I came across a few photos from a surprise visit and dress shopping appointment my awesome MOH planned for me this past November at Lovely Bride. These days, she’s far away in Nashville, a sad change from living together just last year here in NYC for awhile. I miss her terribly and am lucky beyond words to count her as a friend.

So, I couldn’t resist sharing her mad photog skillz with you all. I’d share more, but the dress has to stay a secret (duh!). I love that she was the first to see me in the dress I finally picked (and she cried with me too – talk about an awesome friend!).

Fal – you’re one of a kind. Thanks for being exactly who you are, and for being a part of my life since we learned how to demand mac n cheese in the toddler years. I love you tons.

Readers, check out her tumblr (and more awesome photography of hers!) here.

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_1

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_2

cityclecticdesign_fallonbphotography_dress shopping_3



new year | new thoughts

Happy New Year!

I’m ready for 2014. Last year was a whirlwind of big events all across the spectrum. One of my best friends moved away, I got a new job, two of my closest family members passed, I got engaged…the roller-coaster-of-a-list goes on. Through all of it, I’ve felt everything from completely lost to humbly thankful to a greater understanding of what life’s about. 2013, I bid you goodbye with a fond but ready heart.

In the coming months, I’ll be continuing to plan S and I’s wedding (August 2nd will be here before we know it!), working my wonderful job in Brooklyn, and striving for better peace of mind. Among my other goals are a few more regular features right here on cityclectic (coming soon!), daily yoga, and continued art from yours truly. It’s going to be an incredible year, and I’m thankful for your support on this journey. Keep following!

For now, I’ll leave you with some images that inspire me or just put a smile on my face, in the hopes they’ll do the same for you. Cheers.
















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