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Right now I’m loving…

…this room (especially that blue and white pillow!)

cityclecticdesign 1

…this cozy chic look

cityclecticdesign 2

…these Alexander Wang fabrics

cityclecticdesign 3

I am loving…(and am so thankful for!) …this truth:

cityclecticdesign 4

…this photo

cityclecticdesign 5

…this mirror

cityclecticdesign 6

…these layers

cityclecticdesign 7

…this muted palette

cityclecticdesign 8

…this bold one!

cityclecticdesign 9

…and this balcony.

cityclecticdesign 10

Enjoy these sunny days! How did the summer go so fast?



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refresh | spring thoughts

Hello Spring (rain)!

Lately, my brain has felt a lot like this:

cityclecticdesign_too many tabs

I’m ready for the sun to come out, and the skies to be blue! Oh, and a clear, worry-free mind would be great, too. (Totally fine with the rhyme that just happened).

In the spirit of refreshing, I think I’ll paint S and I’s soon-to-be bedroom a clean, pure shade of pale blue. My favorite right now, Benjamin Moore’s “Breath of Fresh Air”. Perfect, right?

cityclecticdesign_Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air in room

cityclecticdesign_Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air

I’m also doing some more practical things, like de-cluttering my schedule and quitting caffeine.

But hey, I’m a designer, so I believe environment is (almost) everything. Stay tuned for before and after photos of our first home (er, apartment) to be!

What are you doing to refresh for Spring?