design mix | things i’m loving

Hello lovely readers!

Just popping in to share a few things I’m loving right now:

The soft but striking colors captured in nature here…

cd 1

…look how amazing they look in a space!

cd 2

Tom Dixon’s gorgeous accessories, especially these Bash Vessels. We use them when styling projects for photo shoots all the time and they never get old.

2 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

These dining and kitchen spaces. Don’t you want to invite friends over and hang out in them?

3 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

4 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

These mirrors.

5 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

This creative restaurant.

6 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

The art in this bedroom.

7 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

These beautiful light fixtures from Residents.

8 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

This room at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. Staycation, anyone?

9 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

That’s all for now. Have a good one!



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nesting | new apartment art

This Spring has been a slow merging of S and I’s possessions as we create the home we’ll share in two short months (!!). S is all moved in, and I’m in full decor mode, but I’m taking my time making decisions.

I recently purchased a canvas print of a photo I took during our San Francisco trip last Fall. I was mesmerized by how beautiful the dense fog was some days and how clear the air was on others. This shot always makes me stare just a little longer than the others. Here’s how it came out.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

What do you think?

Speaking of favorite photos, here’s one from last Saturday of S and I on my family’s pontoon in Michigan. This is one of my happiest places.

cityclecticdesign_s and w on pontoon



fashion friday | gray days, whine & dine

I haven’t seen blue sky in far too long – April showers are here!

The Birds, good friends of S and I, are throwing a “Whine and Dine Happy Hour” this evening, which requires everyone to bring a bottle of wine with a  label you created to describe your week. (Examples: Underpaid Zinfandel, Enslaved Syrah, Overworked Cab, etc.). I think it’s genius.

Got any good last minute ideas for me?

Here’s my gray day ensemble for the evening, fully ready for me to whine in.

Rainy Weekend.
What do you wear on gray days?

coffee break | going decaf

It’s official, I chose decaf today.

Here’s the thing: I don’t need anything additional to keep my heart rate at top speed all day. This city does that for me! I admit, I used to nay-say about decaf coffee. What’s the point? Then, I realized that I went from a casual coffee drinker to a I-need-caffeine-to-survive coffee drinker to a wow-I-actually-like-the-taste-of-this-stuff coffee drinker and here I am, overly anxious and liking coffee too much. Decaf, let’s make up and be friends.

What do you drink? Coffee? Decaf? Tea? Espresso Macchiato (yum)?

gimme coffee_cityclecticdesign

Some links while you sip your preferred beverage:

Apparently Spain stays up late on the reg.

My new favorite celebrity power couple.

Really pretty dress (look at the back! and that fabric! sigh.)

This is finally open in Brooklyn. Any takers? I’m in!

The 2nd Avenue subway goes yellow.

Love this new app.

Get happier.

Like the “gimme coffee”clock? Get it here.