be kind | blue & beige

Happy Friday!

Today, I’m feeling thankful. I am surrounded by love and kindness more than I am surrounded by hate. There are too many people in this world who can’t say the same, and I can’t even imagine. So, while you enjoy these beautiful schemes of blue and beige, think about how you can spread kindness and love to those around you. And don’t wait, do it now!

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_1

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_2

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_3

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_4

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_5

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_6

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_7

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_8

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_9

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_10

cityclecticdesign_blue and beige_11

…OK, there’s no blue in that last one, but you liked it anyway, don’t lie.


Have a beautiful weekend  – (it’s supposed to be 80 and sunny here in NYC!) – wherever you are.



(links for those gorgeous rugs and wallpapers and more are here:)

1 | 2 | 3,10,11 | 4,9 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


wednesday | words

Happy hump day!

Life gets chaotic, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to take a deep breath and refresh your mind. Instead of telling yourself the typical Wednesday consolation “I’m halfway there” and focusing your joy on the weekend in sight, try enjoying today!

Here’s some inspiration for the rest of your work week, and after that, too:



cityclecticdesign_wednesday words (2)

cityclecticdesign_wednesday words (5)

cityclecticdesign_wednesday words (1)

cityclecticdesign_wednesday words (6)

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cityclecticdesign_wednesday words (3)


Have a blessed day!