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Hello lovely readers!

Just popping in to share a few things I’m loving right now:

The soft but striking colors captured in nature here…

cd 1

…look how amazing they look in a space!

cd 2

Tom Dixon’s gorgeous accessories, especially these Bash Vessels. We use them when styling projects for photo shoots all the time and they never get old.

2 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

These dining and kitchen spaces. Don’t you want to invite friends over and hang out in them?

3 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

4 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

These mirrors.

5 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

This creative restaurant.

6 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

The art in this bedroom.

7 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

These beautiful light fixtures from Residents.

8 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

This room at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. Staycation, anyone?

9 cityclecticdesign 12-4-14

That’s all for now. Have a good one!



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design moments | fun findings

My new job has already stirred up in me a renewed passion for design.  Here are some things I’m loving right now in the world of interiors.

This desk – I’m loving my fresh new work space!

1. cityclecticdesign

Bold but tasteful color.

2. cityclecticdesign

Penny tiles – so New York.

3. cityclecticdesign

Unusual accessories.

4. cityclecticdesign

Marble tile.

5. cityclecticdesign

Art Deco elements – especially this City side table.

6. cityclecticdesign

Unexpected color placement.

7. cityclecticdesign

Retro pendants.

8. cityclecticdesign

All-neutral palettes.

9. cityclecticdesign

This pattern.

10. cityclecticdesign

This color combo.

11. cityclecticdesign

Industrial furniture.

12. cityclecticdesign

This awesome living room.

13. cityclecticdesign

This fox pillow – doesn’t he look cuddly?

14. cityclecticdesign

And the design element I never tire of…geometry.

15. cityclecticdesign



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in the background | a moment for walls

Did you catch this article about artist Pia Jensen a few months back on Design Milk?  I came across it again recently and it had me thinking about walls.  The majority of homes/apartments I see with no real design direction all suffer from the same base problem: its occupants don’t know how to use their walls.


Think of your space as a flat piece of art from every angle.  When you walk around, you want to draw your eye around the room and highlight its best features.  That requires thought about art placement, orientation of the furniture, where to put accent colors (etc, etc, etc) and then how they all relate to each other.

Of course, there are more dramatic ways to use your walls – like making your wall the art itself!  Now, if you’re one of the many commitment-phobes out there (or if you’re renting your place like most New Yorkers), this will be a challenge.  Wallpaper, for example, is no picnic to remove, but if you’re in love with a timeless print (that won’t be out of style in the next 5 years), I say go for it.  Otherwise, paint can always be painted over.


I’m a fan of abstract and geometric prints, but there is a whole world of wallpaper out there to fit your style.





This map wallpaper will be in my home one day.


Option 2: TILE

This can create a natural, soothing look or something bold and fun.




Option 3: Use your BRICK.

Exposed or painted, it’s makes for a pretty, textured backdrop.




Option 4: Play with PAINT.

Add a chair rail, give it a washed look, paint on a chalkboard…the options are endless.




And some other fun looks, like 3D wallpaper (yes, this is flat paper)…


…wallpaper tiles…


…textured walls…


…or a personal favorite:

Era flashbacks in timeless patterns, like this Vintage Collection by Hemingway below.  The Art Deco-inspired print (hint: it’s the 2nd one) is just plain awesome.

19.  20.


Of course, I haven’t even covered painting with stencils, wall decals, wallpaper tiles, texture painting techniques and so on.  Wanna give some of these a try?  Here’s a wallpaper how-to to get started.

What’s on your walls?



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design daydreams | home office

While I love my cozy little apartment, lately I’ve been daydreaming about my future home – ahem -house.  Living quarters in Manhattan aren’t exactly spacious for a a girl on a budget, so I’ll have to wait most of these daydreams out.  Meanwhile, it’s worth all the fantastic things this city has to offer; but someday, I will have a yard again, and that will be a great day.

Today I thought I’d share my perfect, simple home office.  Totally reasonable…when I have the square footage to spare.

cityclecticdesign_Whitney's Home Office Plan

cityclecticdesign_Whitney's Home Office Furniture

What would your home office look like?